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The case file of inmate Navalny A guide to the criminal cases brought against Russia’s most prominent political prisoner

Moscow court issues arrest warrant for Ukraine’s intel chief over FSB’s accusations of him setting up Crimea bridge explosion


Young woman from Russia’s Yaroslavl detained in February for staging ‘attempted terror attack’ Her mother, who protested against the Ukraine war, was accused of ‘justifying terrorism’ a month later


Speak out at your own risk Criminal case-fest for “fakes” in 2022: Russian opponents of war in Ukraine under investigation or slapped with cruel sentences


Convicts in arms Russian convicts are now used to fuel the war in Ukraine: the military, the PMCs, and the Kremlin all want to deploy them to the frontlines as cannon fodder


A slam dunk gone wrong US basketball champion Brittney Griner is on trial in Russia. Or is she going to be swapped?


‘I’ll be exonerated much sooner than this’ Moscow legislator Alexey Gorinov was sentenced to seven years in prison for calling the “special military operation” “war”. Read our report from the courtroom

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