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‘I’m afraid I won’t make it to 15 June’ Activist Anatoly Berezikov, 40, died in Russia’s Rostov-on-Don jail for minor offenders on 14 June. He may have been tortured there


Rock bottom: testimonies by residents of flooded Nova Kakhovka Russia refuses to evacuate locals with Ukrainian passports, while water-borne mines explode in the town


Who is Maria Lvova-Belova, the children’s rights advocate accused of war crimes alongside Putin? The journey of Russian children’s rights commissioner from church choir singer to ICC war crime suspect


Russia to shoot series about Ukraine war The series revolves around a Russian student who opposes the war but ‘changes her views’ after landing in the combat zone


Child separation: Kremlin invents new torture for activists Russian law enforcement has devised another way to punish political activists: their children are taken away — even if they are sick or disabled


‘The only Ukrainian I can kill is myself’ Novaya Gazeta Europe takes a closer look at a Ukraine-born Russian citizen’s failed attempt to illegally cross the border with Poland

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