Ira Purysova

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The fighters coalition Kyiv is preparing to receive F-16 fighter jets from its allies. This won’t be much help for the counteroffensive, but will make it harder for Moscow to win a war of attrition


Schrödinger’s bank How Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank is (not) leaving Russia after a year of war


Governor of the grey zone: a portrait of PMC Wagner’s chief Yevgeny Prigozhin How did Prigozhin go from selling hot dogs in St. Petersburg to leading a band of mercenaries?


‘The fear of Stalin has been crucial to forming Putin’s ideology’ How has Stalinism helped form modern-day Russia? An interview with Andrea Graziosi, Soviet historian


Military makeover The Kremlin is transforming the Russian economy to meet its war needs. Will it help Putin to win the long fight?


Russia has turned off the lights Novaya-Europe deep dives into Moscow’s attempts to keep control over Moldova through energy blackmail and corrupted opposition


The line is in hell We study the timeline of RT presenter Anton Krasovsky’s suspension and try to find out the real causes behind it


‘Putin’s special forces’: mission failed Who is Alexey Zhuravlyov, member of Russia’s Parliament, who vowed to kill a German reporter live on air


Derailing import substitution The story of Denis Manturov, a man used to indulging himself who will be in charge of Russia’s tech sovereignty

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