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Putin’s MPs After the start of war, Russian MPs stopped pretending they are from different parties: all now vote unanimously, passing laws twice as quickly as before. A data study by Novaya-Europe


How Russia seizes Ukrainian businesses on occupied territories Thousands of companies in Mariupol, Melitopol, and other occupied cities have been re-registered in Russia. Novaya-Europe investigates


Dead end In the past 10 months, Russia managed to only capture about 4% of Donbas. Troops are basically treading water while losses are mounting. Novaya Gazeta Europe dissects Russia’s war effort in Ukraine

Russians beat 5-year record for departing to Central Asia, Armenia, and Mongolia


How did the war affect Russia’s real estate market? Russians are getting rid of property in Crimea, Moscow, and regions bordering Ukraine


Made in Eurasia The EU used to be Russia’s biggest trade partner for many years. It was replaced by China and Belarus after the Ukraine War had started. Research by Novaya-Europe


Woodunit? The Kremlin mocks the ‘freezing Europe’ while Russia spends billions of rubles on firewood to heat up schools and hospitals. A Novaya-Europe research


Mobilisation gets dodgy Forged HIV certificates, conscription database manipulations, escaping to Belarus: how Russians dodge draft using darknet


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fleeing Russia Border checkpoints are at capacity — over 200,000 Russians have fled mobilisation in a week. A data analysis by Novaya Gazeta. Europe


Draft beer not Buryats Russia's mobilisation was declared “partial”, but this is only relevant for Moscow and Saint P as each one in thirty men of conscription age may be drafted


Iskanders don’t come cheap This is how Russia spends its oil and gas excess income on the war: a Novaya Gazeta. Europe exclusively conducted research

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