Mira Livadina

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‘Some go crazy within half an hour’ A Soviet dissident who spent years in solitary confinement on how political prisoners are punished in contemporary Russia


Hypersonic paranoia As treason cases at the highest level of Russian science pile up, is Kremlin-sanctioned spy mania out of control?


Criminal trial How the Russian regime is torturing veteran human rights activist Oleg Orlov for his anti-war views


A new hope The killing of her husband has led the previously disinclined Yulia Navalnaya to step into the political limelight


War and punishment How Russia’s criminal justice system has been weaponised as part of the country’s war effort


Rough justice Three lawyers representing jailed opposition leader Alexey Navalny were arrested in Moscow last week in what appears to have been a warning against defending political prisoners


Courting favour Who are the judges imposing decades-long jail sentences on anyone criticising Putin’s war in Ukraine?

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