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Rough justice Three lawyers representing jailed opposition leader Alexey Navalny were arrested in Moscow last week in what appears to have been a warning against defending political prisoners


Courting favour Who are the judges imposing decades-long jail sentences on anyone criticising Putin’s war in Ukraine?


‘Everyone’s sentence is the same — as long as Putin is in power’ Mikhail Khodorkovsky on how to survive a prison sentence that only seems to grow longer


A portrait of Valery Zorkin, chairman of Russia’s Constitutional Court The top judge has backed all of the Kremlin’s initiatives over the past 20 years


The rise and fall of Sergey Shoigu Russian defence minister Shoigu started his political career during one coup and received the fatal blow during another one


‘Believe me, there are many more of us than it might seem’ Having spent a year in prison, Ilya Yashin meets his 40th birthday and explains why a Russian politician cannot be an emigrant

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