Olga Musafirova

Novaya Gazeta Europe’s Kyiv correspondent

11 materials

The hours Air-raid sirens have sounded in the Ukrainian capital for over 1,000 hours since the Russian invasion began


Iskanders? Don’t make us laugh Ukrainian air defence forces fend off all Russian attacks on Kyiv Day


Life in the line of fire A report from the towns of Pokrovsk and Kurakhove near the frontline in the Donetsk region


After Bucha Here, everyone remembers everything and waits for the culprits to be punished. There are more than enough witnesses. Olga Musafirova reports from Bucha, town of martyrs and heroes


‘We have no economic disaster here like in apocalypse movies’ How Ukraine’s economy managed to cope with the war crisis and switched to wartime footing on its own. An interview with Igor Burakovsky, Doctor of Economic Sciences


‘It was no overshoot. They targeted the building’ Russia’s ‘air carrier killer’ missile did not hit the apartment block in Dnipro by accident: it was its exact target. Olga Musafirova reports from Dnipro

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