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‘Someone has to be radical’ Former Soviet dissident Alexander Skobov is determined to defend his beliefs — even if it means dying in prison


Deafening silence Hundreds of Ukrainian women have been victims of sexual violence during the war, but almost none talk about their experiences


Desperate times... Russian psychics are having a distinctly good war amid profound uncertainty about the future


Off with their heads How possible would it be to reinstate capital punishment in Russia?


‘I want them to see that I’m not afraid’ An 18-year-old war critic is facing up to five years in prison for ‘repeatedly discrediting’ the military


‘You can’t stop the future with bullets, poison or prison’ As Alexey Navalny is laid to rest, jailed opposition politician Vladimir Kara-Murza speaks from his prison cell


Stepping up The fearless Russian activist who turned his village store into a bastion of anti-war protest

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