Irina Kravtsova

special correspondent for Novaya Gazeta Europe

5 articles

Belarusian and Russian athletes faced with a choice: their conscience or their career Athletes who opposed the war are working as freight handlers, while loyal ones will go to the Olympics


Any way the wind blows A report from Sosva, a small Russian village where a fire destroyed people’s purpose of life


’What if a tiger snatches and carries me away?’ In Russia’s Far East, encounters between locals and tigers have become more and more frequent over the past year. People are asking for Putin’s help but are met with either inaction or silence


‘Uncle Misha must be punished’ How are sex crimes against children investigated in Russia and in other countries? Can we get to the truth in such cases? Novaya Europe’s Irina Kravtsova explores the problem


‘We are not sorry, even if they kill us’ Special correspondent Irina Kravtsova tells the story of four cousins from Dagestan, abused in their households, who managed to escape from Russia

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