Unmarked drone found on the ground in Russia’s Tula region

An unmarked drone has been discovered in a field in Russia’s Tula region, located south of Moscow, between the settlements of Petrovskoye and Malovel, the regional security committee reported.

Screenshot: Google Maps

Screenshot: Google Maps

“A fallen drone without identification signs or agency marks has been found in a field away from residential buildings,” the statement reads.

The committee claims that emergency services are working at the site, people and infrastructure are not in danger.

The distance from the scene to Moscow is around 250 km.

Baza reports that the drone is 290x120 cm in size, citing its sources.


Alleged photos from the drone crash site were published online.

First photos of the drone that fell in the Tula region emerge. The drone is approximately 2 meters long, it fell in a field, nobody was injured. It is not yet clear who it belongs to.

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On 2 March, an explosion went off in the Tula region’s Kireyevsky district. The authorities said it was possibly caused by a drone falling to the ground. It is still not clear if this is the officially considered reason.

On 28 February, Russia was attacked by the largest drone strike from Ukraine. One drone fell in the Moscow region near a Gazprom compressor station located around 100 km away from Moscow.

“This happened near the locality of Gubastovo. The drone likely targeted a civilian facility, but did not damage it. No victims either,” Governor Andrey Vorobyov wrote.

Approximately 200 sq. km. of airspace over St. Petersburg and its vicinity were closed off for air traffic on the same day over an unidentified object.

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