Baza, Shot: drone crashes near Gazprom facility in Moscow region

A drone crashed near a Gazprom booster station in the Moscow region of Russia, as per Telegram channels Baza, Shot, and Mash.

It is reported that the crash caused no explosion. The crash site is located in Gubastovo near Kolomna. Bomb technicians and emergency services are on the way to the location.

Shot says that the drone in question is UJ-22 Airborne, a strike UAV manufactured by Ukrjet.

“Our source says that apparently the drone quickly lost altitude, possibly due to running out of fuel, and damaged its wing against the trees, which caused it to fall,” Shot says.

The crash has been confirmed by Andrey Vorobyev, the local governor.

“This happened near the locality of Gubastovo. The drone likely targeted a civilian facility, but did not damage it. No victims either,” he wrote.

Photo: Yury Kotenok

Photo: Yury Kotenok

Russia’s Defence Ministry reported earlier that the regions Of Krasnodar and Adygea suffered drone attacks overnight.

“On 28 February at night, the Kyiv regime attempted to use unmanned aerial vehicles to attack civilian infrastructure in the Krasnodar region and the Republic of Adygea,” the agency stated.

A fire broke out at a petroleum storage depot in Tuapse overnight. It is claimed by officials that the fire did not damage the petroleum tanks or injure any people.

Murat Kumpilov, the governor of Adygea, reported that debris of an unidentified UAV was found in his region. No casualties were reported.

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