Ramzan Kadyrov appoints his 20-year-old daughter Chechnya’s healthcare system supervisor

Khutmat Kadyrova, 20-year-old daughter of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, has been appointed the supervisor of the healthcare system of Chechnya, the chairman of the local government and Kadyrov’s son-in-law Adam Alkhanov said.

Photo: meeting on the healthcare field development during which Khutmat Kadyrova was appointed the supervisor. Photo: Alkhanov

Photo: meeting on the healthcare field development during which Khutmat Kadyrova was appointed the supervisor. Photo: Alkhanov

“By the order of the head of Chechnya, from now on the healthcare system of the Chechen Republic will be supervised by Khutmat Kadyrova. We have seen that under her supervision the rehabilitation service has reached a qualitatively new level; now Khutmat Kadyrova’s knowledge and experience will contribute to the development of the entire medical field,” he clarified.

Kadyrova thanked the head of Chechnya — her father — for his trust and expressed hope that the healthcare system would see new, positive changes, media outlet Grozny Inform reports.

Before, Kadyrova served as the deputy head of the secretariat of the head of Chechnya.

In total, Ramzan Kadyrov has 14 children.

The Kadyrovs. Photo: social media

The Kadyrovs. Photo: social media

His 24-year-old daughter Aishat is Chechnya’s Minister of Culture, while his 23-year-old daughter Khadizhat is the head of the preschool education department of Grozny’s city hall, as well as the wife of Alkhanov, the chairman of the government.

Kadyrov’s son, 17-year-old Ahmad Kadyrov, was appointed the head of the Chechen branch of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth last year. At the beginning of March, he got married; during the wedding, all guests were prohibited from taking photos and videos. Several days before his wedding, Ahmad personally met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

17-year-old Ahmad Kadyrov meets with Vladimir Putin. Photo: Ramzan Kadyrov

In October 2022, Kadyrov said that his underage sons were taking part in the war in Ukraine. He posted a video in which at the time 16-year-old Ahmad, 15-year-old Zelimkhan, and 14-year-old Adam were “ensuring cover fire for the advancing fighters”. Several days later, Kadyrov posted a video in which his sons “brought three imprisoned soldiers of Ukraine’s Armed Soldiers, whom they had disarmed during their participation in the special operation” to Chechnya.

In February 2023, Kadyrov appointed his 26-year-old nephew Khamzat Kadyrov the deputy prime minister and minister of property and land relations.

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