Ramzan Kadyrov’s son Ahmed, 16, to head Chechnya’s branch of Russian patriotic youth movement

Russia’s Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov has recommended the candidacy of the 16-years-old son of Chechnya's leader Ramzan Kadyrov, Ahmed, for the post of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth Chechnya branch head, reports Chechnya’s state broadcaster Grozny.

The video of the meeting / Source: Grozny broadcaster

The TV channel aired footage from the meeting between Ahmed Kadyrov and a delegation composed of Advisor to the President of Russia Abubakar Edelgeriev and Deputy Head of the Chechen government Abdul-Kerim Edilov. The meeting took place in the Russian Ministry of Education.

During the meeting, it was announced that all regional children and youth organisations would be united under the leadership of Ahmed Kadyrov, “if such a decision will be made”. It is claimed that the teenager’s work will focus on the implementation of state policy “in the interests of children and young people” of Chechnya.

According to media outlet Kavkaz.Realii, around 100 relatives of Ramzan Kadyrov have held public office positions at different points in time. In December 2020, the 20-years-old daughter of Kadyrov, Khadizhat, was appointed the head of the Grozny City Department of Preschool Education. In July, the US introduced sanctions against Kadyrov, his wife, and daughters for “gross violations of internationally recognised human rights”, among them extrajudicial killing and torture.

What's happening in Chechnya?

What's happening in Chechnya?

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