Mi-8 heli crashes near Murmansk, 4 injured

A Mi-8 helicopter has crashed near Russia’s Murmansk while approaching landing, Interfax cites emergency services.

The news agency says the crash occurred near the helipad at Lavozero.

“A helicopter crashed while approaching landing 3 km away from the Murmansk airport. It had 8 people on board, four of them were injured,” TASS reports.

No people have been reported killed so far. Emergency services say the helicopter was performing a passenger flight. Aviation services have told TASS that their preliminary theory behind the crash is either crew error or technical malfunction.

A Mi-2 helicopter on a medical mission crashed in the Kostroma region on 8 November, killing one person on board.

A Mi-8 helicopter crashed during landing in Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, on 16 December. Three people onboard lost their lives.

One person was killed in a crash landing of a private Mi-8 helicopter in the Kemerovo region on 20 february.

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