Three dead after Mi-8 heli crashes in Russia’s Buryatia

A Mi-8 helicopter crashed during landing in Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, Russia. Three crew members lost their lives, says Alexey Tsydenov, the local governor.

“A Mi-8 helicopter crashed while landing at the Baikal Airport. We have sent rescuers there. There was fire on the taxi strip, but the runway is intact,” Tsydenov says.

There were three crew members on board the helicopter, all three were killed in the incident. The aircraft, authorities say, had not been transferred from the factory to the customer on paper and was not formally in service.

A Su-34 aircraft crashed into a residential building in Yeysk, the Krasnodar region, on 17 October, killing 15 people and injuring 43. The Russian MoD said the plane crashed during a training flight, however, there were reports that the plane had full ammunition. A spontaneous combustion during the take off from a nearby military airfield may have caused the crash, MoD said.

A Su-30 military jet crashed into a 2-storey residential building in Irkutsk on 23 October, killing both pilots but causing no harm to the residents.

A Robinson R66 helicopter crashed in Russia’s Tver region on 27 November, two people lost their lives. A Mi-2 helicopter on a medical mission crashed in the Kostroma region on 8 November, at least one person died in the crash.

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