An-2 plane crashes in north Russia, two dead

An An-2 plane has crashed due to icing in Russia’s Nenets Autonomous region, two people have died, while 10 more have been injured, TASS reports citing the Russian Investigative Committee.

“Due to icing, an An-2 plane has crashed 10 km away from the Karatayka village. There were 12 people onboard: two crew members and 10 passengers, one of whom managed to get through to the rescue services,” TASS was told.

The regional Emergency Ministry office reported a hard landing instead of a crash.

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On 17 November, a Su-34 fighter-bomber fell on a residential building in Yeysk, killing 15 and injuring 43 more. The Russian Defence Ministry said that the plane crashed while on a training mission and blamed the crash on an engine fire.

On 23 October, a Su-30 fighter crashed into a wooden residential house in Irkutsk, both pilots died, civilians were unharmed.

On 8 November, a Mi-2 helicopter on a medical mission crashed in the Kostroma region. One person died, the other four onboard were injured.

On 27 November, a Robinson R66 helicopter fell in the Tver region, killing two people.

On 16 December, a Mi-8 helicopter crashed while landing in Ulan-Ude, three crew members died.

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