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The price of Russian migration The GDP of Armenia, Georgia, and other states is rising more quickly due to an influx of Russian migrants. We explain the ‘relocation effect’ and its downsides


EU continues energy dealings with Russia despite sanctions EU countries are still sending oil and gas extraction equipment worth hundreds of millions of euros to Russia. Novaya-Europe’s case study


Russia’s crackdown on ‘gay propaganda’ This year has seen a record number of ‘LGBT propaganda’ cases filed in Russia. What does the new law mean and who does it target?


Something doesn’t add up Russia’s army claims to have ‘destroyed’ all of Ukraine’s military hardware six months ago. We try to make sense of their triumphant calculations

Russians accumulate record breaking 4 trillion rubles (€61.9 billion) in foreign accounts

Almost 160 Russian children lost their fathers as result of mobilisation


At least 100 Russian conscripts drafted to fight in Ukraine confirmed dead so far One in five died before reaching the frontlines


Explosive entertainment Russian civilians will have to take cover from nuclear war in bars and beauty salons, seeing as many bomb shelters have been converted into businesses

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