‘He showed an example of patriotism’: Russian MP backs Kadyrov’s son who beat up man accused of burning the Quran

Adam Delimkhanov, Russian MP from Chechnya, has commented on the reports that 15-year-old Adam Kadyrov, Chechnya chief Ramzan Kadyrov’s son, beat up Nikita Zhuravel, a man charged with burning a copy of the Quran, in a Grozny detention facility.

Delimkhanov said in his Telegram channel that he, lower house of parliament members and senators from Chechnya, stand behind Adam Kadyrov.

“He showed an example of patriotism and desire to protect the religion and our sacred objects,” the MP added. Delimkhanov believes that Adam Kadyrov “acted very humanely by letting him [Zhuravel] live”. “People deserve the harshest punishments for these actions,” the Russian lawmaker believes.

Delimkhanov and Adam Kadyrov. Photo: Delimkhanov/Telegram

Delimkhanov and Adam Kadyrov. Photo: Delimkhanov/Telegram

Chechen parliament Speaker Magomed Daudov also backed Adam Kadyrov, saying that the Chechen leader’s son “acted like a true Muslim man and a patriot of his country” by beating up Zhuravel in the detention centre.

Daudov believes that “any sensible person <…> can justify the actions” of Adam Kadyrov, which found a lot of “approval and understanding with a lot of citizens” of Russia because they “stand united” against “the satanist laws imposed on the world by the collective West”.

The reports that Kadyrov’s son Adam beat up the detainee emerged on 16 August. Russian commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova also confirmed the report, saying that she had received the complaint and referred it to her Chechnya counterpart.

Nikita Zhuravel, 19-year-old delivery person from Volgograd, was sent to a detention facility for two months on 22 May. He was previously indicted for “violating religious feelings”. The investigators believe that Zhuravel burnt a copy of the Quran near the Cathedral Mosque in Volgograd, while a recording of the act was published “on an Internet portal controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces”. The Chechnya branch of the Russian Investigative Committee was instructed to handle the case.

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