Ukraine’s Prosecutor General: Russian strikes kill 21 in Kherson region

The Russian attack on Ukraine’s Kherson region killed 16 people on 3 May. 22 people were injured, the Ukrainian Office of Prosecutor General reports.

The district prosecutor has initiated a pretrial investigation on violating the laws and customs of warfare and wilful murder.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said in a statement that 21 people were killed and 48 were injured in Russia’s strike on the Kherson region.

“A railway station and a crossing, a house, a hardware store, a grocery supermarket, a gas station — do you know what unites these places? The bloody trail that Russia leaves with its shells, killing civilians in Kherson and Kherson region,” he wrote.

According to the investigation, Russian troops began massively shelling Kherson and settlements of the Kherson region on the morning of 3 May. A total of 12 people were killed in the city of Kherson, about 22 suffered injuries of varying severity, the Ukrainian authorities said.

In addition, the prosecutor believes a brigade of power engineers, who were repairing the power grid after the attacks of the Russian military, was attacked; three of them suffered fatal injuries.

On top of that, one person was killed in Tokarivka earlier today. The shelling is still ongoing, the Office of Prosecutor General says.

The Epicentre mall in Ukraine’s Kherson suffered a Russian strike that killed three people and injured five, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry reported earlier today.

Two guided air bombs were dropped by Russia in the Kherson region near the locality of Veletenske yesterday. Three people were killed and five were injured.

In recent days, the intensity of Russian shelling has increased. The Russian military launched a massive missile attack on Pavlograd earlier, which injured 34 people. Among the victims were five children.

The Kherson and Dnipro regions also suffered shelling; two people were killed. As a result of the strike, six high-rise buildings and six private houses were damaged, as well as outbuildings, two gas pipelines, and a power line.

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