Russia’s Kursk region governor: local resident killed in shelling conducted by Ukraine’s Armed Forces

A local resident was killed in shelling in the Kursk region village of Tetkino, another man was hospitalised with injuries of mild severity, the region’s governor Roman Starovoyt reports.

“As a result of shelling conducted by Ukraine’s Armed Forces in the village of Tetkino, two men were injured. One of them, unfortunately, had died before the ambulance arrived,” the post reads.

The Kursk region governor says that five “hits” were documented in total. According to initial reports, three households were damaged by shrapnel. Power supply has also been disrupted in the village due to shelling.

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Ukraine’s army has been increasingly attacking Russian territories — some located hundreds of kilometres away from the front line. Novaya-Europe’s research

Earlier today, the Bryansk region governor reported that a Ukrainian sabotage group had entered the territory of the region. Furthermore, according to him, Ukraine’s Armed Forces launched a drone the falling of which led to a house catching on fire in the Sushany village, the governor claims.

On 11 February, one person was killed in shelling of a construction crew conducted by Ukraine’s Armed Forces, Starovoyt previously reported. At the end of January, he said that a repair crew worker had been lightly injured while repairing power supply in the villages of Krasnooktyabrsky and Volfino. According to the governor, the crew ended up under mortar fire.

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