Russian court sentences draftee who went AWOL and lived at his parents’ place for a month to five years behind bars

The Nizhny Novgorod Garrison Military Court has sentenced a mobilised soldier to five years in a penal colony over charges of going AWOL without valid reasons, the court press service reports.

According to the court documents, the soldier, “while trying to evade military service”, went AWOL without valid reasons on 21 November 2022. He lived at his parents’ place in a village, “spent his time at his pleasure, without notifying the government and military administration bodies,” the statement by the press service reads.

On 28 December 2022, the draftee voluntarily came to the military investigative department of Russia’s Investigative Committee responsible for his garrison, and his unlawful leave was put to an end. Afterwards, he was held criminally liable.

Mediazona notes that the soldier is, likely, Sergey Salnikov — on 1 March, Salnikov was found guilty of going AWOL.

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On 23 January, the Nalchik Garrison Military Court sentenced soldier Tarkhan Malsagov to one year and three months of imprisonment for going AWOL at the time of mobilisation. On 29 January, draftee from the Lipetsk region Vitaly Ryazanov was sentenced to two years in a penal colony for running away from a military training centre.

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