Embattled rector of Moscow’s RANEPA Vladimir Mau released from office

Vladimir Mau, rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) has been released from his office, RIA Novosti reports, citing the government press service.

It is noted that Mau has resigned “voluntarily in light of his health issues”.

In November, the university reported that Mau was on his planned annual leave.

On 30 June, was charged with embezzlement with damages reaching 21 million rubles (€280,000). The case was launched following the testimony of former Deputy Education Minister Marina Rakova who is now facing charges in the same case. Mau pled not guilty.

On 14 October, the news emerged that the criminal prosecution against Mau was terminated.

Mau was initially put under house arrest. He was then released after pleading guilty and entering into a recognisance not to flee the prosecution, Kommersant reported, citing its sources.

According to the investigation, Mau, Rakova and Zuev signed fake work contracts between RANEPA and 13 people, while some of them were Education Ministry employees. As a result, they were illegally receiving salaries, causing damages amounting to 21 million rubles (€280,000) to the university funds.

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