Alexey Navalny’s solitary confinement cell replica erected in front of Russian Embassy in Berlin

A copy of the solitary confinement cell used by Russian authorities to punish Russian politician Alexey Navalny in prison has been installed near the Russian Embassy in Berlin, Russian opposition politician Lyubov Sobol reported.

The installation is not officially inaugurated yet. The cell replica was prepared by Navalny’s supporters as part of the#FreeNavalny campaign. On 24 January, Leonid Volkov and Oleg Navalny will officially present it to the public.

In the past 6 months, Alexey Navalny was sent to the solitary confinement cell ten times under different pretexts. He was slapped with this punishment last on 31 December, he was confined to the cell for 15 days for washing himself outside of the scheduled hour.

The politician’s lawyer soon said that his client had fallen ill, while his wife Yulia Navalnaya reported that the prison administration did not allow lawyers to hand medicine for her husband. Russian doctors and politicians in different levels of government then gathered signatures demanding that Navalny be provided with all the necessary care.

On 17 January, Navalny’s team launched a global Free Navalny campaign which is aiming to coordinate efforts of people all over the world to persuade the Russian government to release the politician.

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