Alexey Navalny’s wife, Yulia: lawyers not allowed to hand medication over to Navalny by prison administration

Yulia Navalnya, wife of Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny, says that administrators of the the Melekhovo penitentiary where he is serving his sentence are not allowing Navalny’s lawyers to hand medication over to her ill husband, that he is not being treated, and that his “detention conditions are being made worse on purpose”. She made these comments in an Instagram post.

According to her, her husband is being woken up at 6 AM and not allowed to lie down during the day, despite his high temperature that has not been going down for at least a week.

“I won’t be addressing Putin here, as I usually do… Everything’s clear on that front. I’m addressing the administration and the medical personnel of the [penitentiary]. Are you even human? Your parents and children are waiting for you to come back home from work. What is happening in your head, how do you live [with yourselves] happy that you infected a person on purpose, that you’re not treating him, and you’re not handing him over the medicine?”

she wrote.

Earlier today, the Sirena outlet reported that the politician had asked to postpone a court hearing on his case in the penal colony due to his not feeling well.

“I spent four days asking for more boiled water. I’m not being hospitalised, despite my requests. ‘We can’t put you in the medical unit, seeing as [the inmates] sick with the flu are there, you will just get infected.’ However, my cellmate gets taken to the medical unit for a day and then returned here,” the outlet quotes Navalny’s words.

Navalny was put in solitary confinement for the tenth time on 31 December. On 9 January, his lawyer Vadim Kobzev said that the politician was “in the solitary confinement cell with temperature, fever, and cough”.

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