Kavkaz.Realii: security men allegedly kidnapped and tortured 14 in Chechnya

Security men have allegedly kidnapped between 8 and 14 people in Alkhan-Kala, Chechnya, Kavkaz.Realii cites two sources.

1ADAT and NIYSO Telegram channels were the first ones to report the kidnapping, also sharing two lists of people kidnapped, one providing eight names and the other one 14.

The individuals were reportedly kidnapped on 7 January, the Telegram channels say. Kavkaz.Realii’s sources believe that the kidnapping might be connected with extremism accusations.

You can view the list of names in the Russian-language version of the article.

A Europe-based relative of the Solsayev brothers has told Kavkaz.Realii that they were “kept in a basement of a police station in Chechnya, and now they have been taken to the Centre for Combating Extremism”.

“They were not officially charged with anything. However, we know that they were brutally tortured. The security guys have a real grudge on them for their critical attitude towards the authorities. We’re not even sure if the brothers are still alive,” says the source.

1ADAT also says the brothers were tortured.

Chechnya’s authorities and police have yet to comment on the matter.

A conflict between a traffic policeman and a security officer happened in Chechnya on 11 December, the security man slapping the policeman and triggering him to take out his firearm and start shooting towards the ground. Ramzan Kadyrov eventually backed the traffic policeman and threatened the spectators of the incident with sending them into the battlezone in Ukraine.

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