Kherson: seven people killed in Russian shelling

Seven people were killed in the liberated city of Kherson following shelling carried out by Russian troops, Viacheslav Yanushevich, head of the local administration, says in a Telegram post.

“Today is another horrifying chapter in the story of our heroic city. In one evening — 21 injured and seven killed. Those killed by Russian invaders will be forever remembered. Sincere condolences to the relatives,” he writes.

The attack took place yesterday, 24 November. At first, the reports indicated four killed and six injured.

The aftermath of the shelling in Kherson. Photo: social media

The aftermath of the shelling in Kherson. Photo: social media

Also yesterday, 24 November, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andriy Kostin said that 432 bodies of murdered civilians had been found on the de-occupied territories of the Kherson region. According to him, the mine threat on the liberated territories remains at high level.

On 11 November, Ukraine’s Armed Forces took back control over the city of Kherson. The next day, the regional military administration, police, and Security Service of Ukraine resumed work in the city. At the time, around 200 policemen were operating in Kherson, and security checkpoints were set up around the city. The police were taking records of the crimes committed by Russian occupation “authorities”.

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