Ukraine MoD: Kherson under control

The city of Kherson is under control of Ukraine‘s Armed Forces, says the country’s Main Intelligence Directorate of the Defence Ministry.

“Kherson is coming back under Ukrainian control, units of our Armed Forces are entering the city,” reads the statement

Intelligence officials say that the retreat routes of Russia's military personnel are under the fire control of the Ukrainian army. “Any attempts to oppose the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be suppressed. Every Russian serviceman who resists will be liquidated, ” reads the statement.

The agency also addressed the remaining Russian soldiers in the city. “As expected, after the Russia's main grouping retreated from the Ukrainian city of Kherson, your command left you to the whims of fate,” reads the statement. In this regard, the only chance for Russian soldiers to avoid death is to surrender, life and safety are guaranteed, the agency says.

Videos of Ukrainian servicemen entering Kherson appeared on social media earlier.

Russia’s Defence Minister Shoigu ordered the country’s troops to withdraw from Kherson to the eastern bank of the River Dnipro on 9 November. Kirill Stremousov, a major Russia-installed “official” in the occupied Kherson region was reported to have been killed in a car accident on the same day.

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