Regional military administration, police, and Security Service of Ukraine resume work in liberated Kherson

The regional military administration, police, and Security Service of Ukraine have resumed work in the city of Kherson liberated from Russian troops, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, head of the Kherson regional administration Yaroslav Yanushevych, and head of Ukraine’s National Police Ihor Klymenko report.

A curfew has been introduced in Kherson: it will be enforced from 5PM until 8AM. During these hours, local residents are not allowed to be outside in the streets and other public spaces.

According to Klymenko, stabilisation activities are currently taking place in the city. Around 200 policemen are operating in Kherson, security checkpoints have been set up around the city. The police are taking records of the crimes committed by Russian occupation “authorities”.

Head of Ukraine’s National Police said that Russian soldiers had left behind massively mined territory. Ten sapper groups are working on discovering and defusing explosive objects. One of them was injured during the demining of one of the administration buildings.

Aside from the regional administration, military administrations of the Kherson city and the Kherson district have already resumed work.

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