‘Attack goal reached’: Russia’s Defence Ministry comments on yesterday’s massive attack on Ukraine’s critical facilities

Russia’s Defence Ministry reports that, on 23 November, Russian Armed Forces launched a massive attack using high-precision long-range air- and ground-based weaponry, at the military control system of Ukraine and energy facilities related to it. The goal of the attack has been reached, the ministry adds.

Russia’s Defence Ministry claims that “not a single strike was carried out against targets within the city limits” of Kyiv. All of the destruction in Kyiv declared by Ukraine “was the result of foreign and Ukrainian air defence missiles falling in residential areas of the Ukrainian capital”, the state body adds.

The attack by Russian troops, according to the Defence Ministry, “disrupted the transfer by rail of the AFU reserves, foreign weapons, military equipment and munition to the areas of combat operations”.

Footage of the strikes released by the Russian Ministry of Defence / RIA Novosti

On 23 November, Ukraine underwent massive shelling. In particular, a missile hit a residential building in Vyshhorod, the Kyiv region. Head of the Kyiv region administration Oleksiy Kuleba said that four people had been killed and 34 injured as a result of yesterday’s attacks in the Kyiv region. Among the injured, five are children.

Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko previously said that three people were killed and eleven were injured in the attack on the city of Kyiv itself. Earlier today, he reported that, as of morning of 24 November, two thirds of the capital remained without electricity, while water supply was still not restored in the right-bank districts of Kyiv.

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Following the shelling, Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy announced that all nuclear power plants as well as the majority of thermal and hydroelectric power stations had been temporarily shut down.

Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said at the Security Council meeting that Russia was conducting strikes on infrastructure facilities of Ukraine in response to “unbridled” flow of weapons from the West into Ukraine.

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