Kyiv strips CNN, Sky News reporters of their accreditations for working in liberated Kherson ‘before the completion of stabilisation actions’

Several foreign journalists have had their accreditations cancelled for violating rules of working in a war zone, the Ukrainian army’s general staff reports.

“Recently, several media representatives ignored the current bans and warnings and engaged in information activities in the city of Kherson without reaching an agreement with relevant commanders and public relation services of military units and before the completion of stabilisation actions. Such moves grossly violate the order of the Ukrainian Army Commander-in-Chief No. 73 from 03.03.2022 as well as relevant orders of the military command,” the agency noted in a statement.

The general staff did not specify which media sources were involved.

The Detector Media outlet writes, citing its sources, that Ukraine withdrew work permits of at least six journalists for reports from Kherson, CNN and Sky News reporters are among them. Moreover, film crews of Suspilne and Hromadske were also covering the recent events in the city, while the Rada TV channel was broadcasting live from Kherson.

Ukrainian military spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk said a day earlier that she had information about the cancelled accreditations for Sky News and CNN teams.

On November 11, the Ukrainian army recaptured Kherson. Earlier, the Russian Defence Ministry announced that all troops had been redeployed to the left bank of the Dnipro River, as ordered by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. On 12 November, regional military administration, police and security service resumed operation in liberated Kherson.

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