Relatives of draftees from Russia’s Belgorod region ask governor for them to be returned home

Mothers and wives of draftees from Russia’s Belgorod region have created a petition asking the regional government to bring home the mobilised men deployed to the Luhansk region. The message addressed to the Belgorod region governor Vyacheslav Gladkov was posted on Russian social media platform VK.

Media outlet 7x7 reports that, according to the petition, 752 mobilised men from the regiment of the military unit#34670, located in the Belgorod region town of Valuyki, were deployed to the Luhansk region in direction Svatove-Makiivka after two weeks of training in the beginning of October. Furthermore, the draftees were promised that they would serve in the Belgorod region, the petition reads.

The authors of the petition claim that the regiment was smashed, many of their mobilised relatives no longer get in contact with them. “It turns out that the commanders send the mobilised men lacking training into the combat zone, and then their fate concerns no one,” the message reads. At the moment of the report by 7x7, the petition was signed by 132 people.

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On 9 November, media outlet Verstka reported that over 20 relatives of draftees from the Voronezh, Kursk, and Belgorod regions of Russia went down to the military unit located in Valuyki. They demanded their mobilised relatives be returned to the territory of Russia. On 8 November, relatives of mobilised residents of Voronezh, a city in southwest Russia, appealed to the local authorities with a call to disclose where the draftees are stationed.

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