Relatives of drafted residents in Russia’s Voronezh seek help from local authorities as they haven’t had contact with draftees for over a month

Relatives of mobilised residents of Voronezh, a city in southwest Russia, have appealed to the local authorities with a call to disclose where the draftees are stationed, TV Rain channel published their video appeal.

“We arrived at military base 91711 to learn more about our relatives, where they are and what’s happening with them. No one gave us this information,” one of the women says in the video.

According to her, the draftees left the military base in Boguchar and headed to Valuyki, Belgorod region, on 5 October. Their relatives have not been able to contact them since.

“We cannot find out where our boys are. We ask the authorities to address this issue,” a woman says.

The wife of a mobilised man who was sent to the military base in Boguchar told TV Rain that her husband and other draftees were sent to the frontline in the Luhansk region. According to her, they were caught in a mortar shelling there and were forced to retreat. The husband only got in touch with his wife on 2 November.

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