Putin announces end of mobilisation in Russia, sidesteps question about presidential decree needed to officially end it

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the end of “partial” mobilisation in the country, however, there is no decree that would officialise the decision as of now. Putin made his statement during a press briefing in Sochi.

Photo: Screenshot from the livestream on the official Kremlin website

Photo: Screenshot from the livestream on the official Kremlin website

A journalist asked the president whether a separate decree on the end of mobilisation should be expected.

“Well, I think, from a legal standpoint… Yes, of course, [the mobilisation decision] was made via my Decree, because there’s no other legal way. But it was made at the suggestion of the Defence Ministry, obviously, and now the Defence Ministry has proposed to terminate mobilisation activities.

I will talk to the lawyers. To be honest, I have not thought about this. I will talk to the lawyers, whether we need to announce via a decree that the mobilisation is over. But it is over,” Putin said.

He also noted that 41,000 draftees “are in combat formations of the Armed Forces”, while 259,000 mobilised are undergoing training as part of military groups or at training grounds.

On 28 October, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu briefed Putin on the end of “partial” mobilisation in Russia. According to Shoigu, “the target quota of 300,000 people has been reached; no other mobilisation targets are planned”.

On 31 October, Russia’s General Staff of the Armed Forces sent out instructions to the commanders of military districts and the commander of the North Fleet to report the completion of “partial mobilisation” activities before 1 November. However, an official presidential decree about the end of mobilisation has not yet been signed.

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