Russia’s Defence Ministry orders commanders to report completion of mobilisation activities before 1 November

By order of Minister of Defence Sergei Shoiugi, Russia’s General Staff of the Armed Forces has sent out instructions to the commanders of military districts and the commander of the North Fleet to report the completion of “partial mobilisation” activities before 1 November.

“All activities related to drafting citizens in reserve for military service by military commissariats together with regional executive bodies have been terminated,” the statement reads.

However, an official presidential decree about the end of mobilisation has not yet been announced.

The Ministry of Defence also instructs employees of draft offices to “go back to carrying out their duties in a regular mode starting from 31 October”.

“In future, the work of military commissariats on manning the Armed Forces of Russia will be organised only through enlisting volunteers and candidates for contract military service,” the statement emphasises.

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