Defence minister Shoigu briefs Putin on end of partial mobilisation in Russia

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has briefed President Vladimir Putin on the end of “partial mobilisation” in Russia, state news agency TASS reports.

There has been no official order to back it up so far.

According to Shoigu, “the target quota of 300,000 people has been reached; no other mobilisation targets are planned”.

“Military commissariats will continue to recruit only volunteers and contract service candidates within the special military operation,” he added.

Over 1,300 employees of executive bodies were drafted within the partial mobilisation, the minister said.

During his conversation with the president, Shoigu admitted that at the initial stage of mobilisation, there were some problems with equipment and food for conscripts, however, these issues have been resolved by now.

On 14 October, Vladimir Putin stated that the “partial mobilisation” would end in two weeks. Out of the planned 300,000 conscripts, 223,000 had been drafted, Putin said at the time.

On the same day, residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg started reporting police raids on draft-age men. The Russian Federation Council (upper house of parliament) deemed it unlawful.

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