Armenian General Staff says Azerbaijani forces advanced 7.5 km into Armenian territory

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces have advanced 7.5 km into Armenian territory in the area of the city of Jermuk, Chief of General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces Eduard Asryan said during a meeting with foreign envoys. The frontline is 8.5 kilometres wide, he added.

He noted that right now, the Azerbaijani troops are located 4.5 km away from Jermuk.

According to Asryan, some Azerbaijani groups and units “are under direct control” of Armenian servicemen or surrounded by them.

Earlier today, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated that 135 Armenian military officers had been killed since the start of the recent wave of hostilities on the border with Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry reported yesterday that 71 Azerbaijani soldiers had been killed in the clashes on the border with Armenia.

In the early hours of September 13, the Armenian Ministry of Defence reported an Azerbaijan-conducted shelling of Armenia’s territory not far from the unrecognised territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. In turn, Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry released a statement accusing Yerevan of a “large-scale military provocation”.

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