Murderer freed from jail to fight in Ukraine returns home after just three months

A man from Vladivostok who was sentenced to 24 years in prison for rape and murder in 2022 is back at liberty again just three months after being granted early release from jail to fight in Ukraine, Telegram channel reported on Tuesday.

Georgy Povilayko, who raped and murdered mother-of-two Anna Koshulko in a car park as she was getting ready to leave for work in August 2021, was found guilty of murder, rape, sexual assault, car theft and using violence against the authorities the following year.

In October, however, Povilayko signed a contract with the Russian Defence Ministry and secured himself an early release to fight in Ukraine.

The victim’s husband, Alexander Koshulko, told Novaya Europe that he had only learnt of Povilayko’s release online, and that he had immediately called on the authorities to return him to jail last year.

While on trial, Povilayko appealed for leniency on the grounds that had a young child to support, though it subsequently emerged that he owed almost 1.5 million rubles (€15,575) in unpaid alimony payments.

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