Criminal charges brought against Novaya Europe columnist Leonid Gozman

Leonid Gozman. Photo: Facebook

Leonid Gozman. Photo: Facebook

Politician and Novaya Gazeta Europe columnist Leonid Gozman has been charged with spreading false information about the Russian military, Russian news agency TASS reported on Thursday, citing a source in law enforcement.

The case concerns Facebook and Telegram posts made by Gozman that “distort information about the actions of the Russian Armed Forces during the special military operation”, according to the source, who added that the posts had “undergone comprehensive psychological and linguistic analysis, which proved the deliberate distortion of information” about the war in Ukraine.

Gozman, who was the president of the now dissolved liberal-conservative Union of Right Forces, left Russia in September 2022 after he was handed a punishment of 30 days’ detention for equating the actions of the USSR and Nazi Germany.

A second case against Gozman for failing to declare his dual citizenship is ongoing. On 25 July last year, the Interior Ministry placed Gozman on the federal wanted list.

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