Six dead as two Ukrainian helicopters collide over Donetsk region

Two Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters crashed into each other over the country’s eastern Donetsk region, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian military announced on Thursday, according to RBC Ukraine.

“Two Mi-8 helicopters were on a combat mission and crashed into each other; and there was also an enemy Su-35 fighter in the area,” the spokesperson said.

Preliminary reports indicate that six people were killed in the crash, although that figure has not been confirmed. The exact cause of the crash is still unknown, and the identities of those on board have not been disclosed.

The crash occurred on Tuesday, according to a report by Ukrayinska Pravda on Wednesday. Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into the matter.

Two combat-capable L-39 trainer jets collided over Ukraine’s Zhytomyr region while on a combat mission on 25 August. Three pilots lost their lives, including Andriy Pylshchykov, also known as Juice.

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