Two Ukrainian trainer aircraft collide, three pilots killed

Two combat-capable L-39 trainer jets crashed into each other over Ukraine’s Zhytomyr region while on a combat mission yesterday evening, Ukraine’s Air Force reports.

“Sadly, all three pilots were killed. The investigation is ongoing. Among the deceased is a renowned pilot with the callsign JUICE,” the Air Force said in a statement.

Andriy Pylshchykov (Juice) participated in the air defence of Kyiv as the Russian invasion started February last year.

No details on other pilots were revealed.

The pilot known by his callsign Juice

The pilot known by his callsign Juice

Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation has launched a probe to clarify the details behind the crash.

“We shall pay special attention to the technical state of the planes and to how flight preparation guidelines were followed. Our experts will also thoroughly examine the onboard recorders,” the agency said in a statement.

A criminal investigation on violating flight or flight preparation procedures has been initiated.

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