Drone attack on Moscow and Moscow region repelled, Russian Defence Ministry claims

A “fixed-wing UAV” has attempted to attack facilities in Moscow and the Moscow region, the Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

It is reported that the UAV was downed by an electronic warfare system and crashed in a deserted area near the Putilkovo village located to the north-west of Moscow.

The ministry also said that a drone was shot down over the Belgorod region this afternoon. No casualties or damages were reported in either case.

Russian Telegram channel Mash reports that a “spy drone was discovered in the Moscow region village of Selyatino” located to the north-east of Moscow. According to the channel, the drone’s target was the Alabino training grounds but it didn’t reach its destination. The police are looking for the person who was operating the drone.

The drone found in Selyatino. Photo: Mash

The drone found in Selyatino. Photo: Mash

Earlier today, the Russian ministry reported to have repelled an attack on a military airfield in Russia’s Novgorod region carried out by a Ukrainian “copter type UAV”. In the morning, the ministry said that the Ukrainian army had tried to carry out a missile attack on Crimea during the night.

At the same time, the Russian army carried out a missile strike on the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv today, killing at least seven, including a child, and injuring at least 90, 10 police officers and 12 children among them. Twenty-five people were hospitalised.

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