Russian government adds Norway to list of countries 'committing hostile actions’ against Russia’s diplomatic missions

The Russian government has designated Norway as a country that “commits hostile actions” against Russia’s foreign diplomatic and consular missions, the cabinet’s order reads.

The order places restrictions — up to a full ban — on “hostile” countries’ ability to employ people in Russia for posts in embassies, consulates, state bodies and institutions. The limit imposed on Norway stands at 27 people.

In May 2021, these curbs were placed on the US and the Czech Republic, while diplomatic missions of Greece, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia, and Slovakia faced them in July 2022.

Norway was placed on the “unfriendly” country list in March 2022, after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began.

On 26 April, the Russian Foreign Minister expelled 10 Norwegian diplomats in retaliation for the dismissal of 15 Russian embassy staffers from Norway. Oslo said that the activities of the expelled Russian diplomats “were tracked for a long time”.

Later, Norway’s police security service said that the 15 Russians in question were working for Russian intelligence. According to the service, the diplomats were attempting to recruit people as information sources, intercept communications, and purchase advanced technologies.

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