Deutsche Welle cameraman injured by Russian cluster munitions in Ukraine

Yevhen Shilko, Deutsche Welle cameraman, was injured by Russia-launched cluster munitions in Ukraine, the media company’s Russian office reports.

According to DW, Shilko was injured in the town of Druzhkivka, Donetsk region, located 23 km away from the frontline. He has been taken to hospital and is in stable condition. One Ukrainian service member has been killed in the attack, several more are seriously injured, the company added.

Earlier today, Rostislav Zhuravlev, photojournalist working for Russia’s state-affiliated RIA Novosti news agency, was killed in the latest round of shelling of Ukraine’s occupied regions, his colleague Konstantin Mikhalchevsky was injured,

Moreover, two Izvestia journalists, Roman Polshakov and Dmitry Shikov, were also caught in the shelling, they were both injured.

The Russian Defence Ministry reports that the Russian reporters were injured in cluster munition shelling. The ministry accused Ukraine of launching the attack.

On 7 July, the White House confirmed that Ukraine would receive cluster munitions.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that Ukraine had provided “written assurances” pledging to minimise “any risk” to civilians. Following the announcement, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow “reserves the right to respond in a mirror-like fashion”.

In 2010, the Convention on Cluster Munitions entered into force. The document bans all use, transfer, production, and stockpiling of cluster munitions. In total, 113 countries signed it, 84 of them ratified it. However, the US, Russia, and China are particularly missing from this list.

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