Ukraine introduces sanctions against Georgian Airways after airline resumes flights to Russia

Ukraine has introduced sanctions against Georgian Airways due to the company resuming flights to Russia. The corresponding order has been signed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The founder of the company Tamaz Gaiashvili has also been sanctioned.

In total, over 190 natural persons (mainly Russian citizens) and over 290 legal entities, including Russian, Belarusian, Georgian, and Kazakh companies, have been added to Ukraine’s sanctions list.

On 10 May, Vladimir Putin lifted the ban prohibiting Russian airlines from flying to Georgia and cancelled visa requirements for Georgian citizens. Russian airline Azimuth was issued a permit allowing it to resume flights to Georgia. Georgian Airways became the second airline to receive a permit to carry out such flights. Russia’s Red Wings also has the permit to fly to Georgia.

Georgian authorities said they would allow direct flights by Russian airlines, but only those not on the sanctions lists.

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