Russian forces launch attacks on Ukraine’s Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih, Lviv

The Ukrainian air force downed 16 Russian drones and three cruise missiles overnight, the air force command press service reports.

According to the Ukrainian military, the Russian troops targeted Ukraine from the north and southeast with 33 Shahed-136/131 attack drones and six Kalibr cruise missiles launched by ships stationed in the Black Sea. Three projectiles and 16 drones were destroyed, the Ukrainian side noted.

The city of Kryvyi Rih was particularly targeted. Head of the Dnipro region administration Serhiy Lysak said that several explosions rocked the city, a private industrial business and an administrative building were hit, rooms and equipment were destroyed. Two people were injured: a 64-year-old woman in critical condition and a 45-year-old man with light wounds.

Photo: Serhiy Lysak/Telegram

Photo: Serhiy Lysak/Telegram

Ukrainian air-defence systems were active in Kyiv: the city administration said that the Russian forces had used Shahed drones to target the Ukrainian capital but they were all intercepted. No one was injured, no damages recorded. This is the tenth attack on Kyiv conducted in the past month.

Lviv was attacked with Shahed drones, Mayor Andriy Sadovyi said that Russia was targeting a critical infrastructure facility. Preliminary reports suggest that no one was injured. Explosions also took place in the Khmelnytsky and Mykolaiv regions of Ukraine.

Ukraine last faced a Russian attack yesterday, 18 May. The Russian forces particularly shelled Odesa, killing one person and injuring two more.

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