Russia carries out ninth missile strike on Ukraine in May. One person dead

The Russian Armed Forces launched missile strikes on Ukrainian cities overnight, the Ukrainian General Staff noted in its morning report.


UPD1: The Russian forces launched a missile strike on Ukraine’s Khmelnytsky region. An infrastructure facility was damaged, the regional administration reported. No one was injured. The scale of damages is being investigated, the statement notes.

UPD2: Ukrainian air-defence systems downed 29 cruise missiles out of 30 launched by Russia, Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny said. He added that two Shahed drones and two reconnaissance UAVs had been intercepted.

UPD3: Three residential houses and one building, which caught fire, were damaged in Ukraine’s Kirovohrad region following a Russian missile strike. Fire brigades needed several hours to put out the fire.

Residents of the nearby area have been evacuated. No one was injured, head of the regional administration Andriy Raykovych said.

“Air-defence systems have intercepted a cruise missile over the Oleksandrisky district and a drone over the Kropyvnytsky district. The missile warhead exploded in a private household territory,” the statement reads.

Kyiv authorities noted that the Ukrainian capital had been targeted. The South operative command of the national forces pointed out that Russian troops shelled Odesa, killing one person and injuring two more.

The Kyiv military administration said that missile debris fallouts were recorded in the Desnyansky and Darnytsky districts. According to preliminary reports, no one was injured.

According to head of the Kyiv city military administration Serhiy Popko, the Russian army launched the strike with Tu-95MS and Tu-160 strategic bombers in the Caspian Sea area as well as, possibly, Kh-101/555 cruise missiles. Following the missile launches, Russian troops used reconnaissance drones.

Ukrainian air-defence forces destroyed all airborne targets over Kyiv, the city administration said.

The South operative command noted that a Russian missile had struck an industrial facility in Odesa.

“The attack was carried out with various missiles fired in various directions.”

“Most of them were downed by air-defence systems but, unfortunately, industrial infrastructure was hit. One civilian was killed, two more are injured,” the statement reads.

Suspilne reported sounds of explosions in Kharkiv as well as the Vinnytsia and Khmelnytsky districts. Head of the Vinnytsia regional administration Serhiy Borzov said that the region’s air-defence systems were “handling airborne targets” over the area.

On Tuesday, the Russian army attacked Kyiv with missiles and drones. Three people were injured. Missile debris also fell on the city zoo. Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny reported that Ukrainian air-defence systems had intercepted 18 out of 18 targets. Later, the General Staff clarified that 25 out of 27 targets had been downed.

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