FSB arrests Ukrainian national on espionage charges

The FSB has reported detaining a Ukrainian national, 25. She is suspected of espionage on behalf of Ukraine, TASS reports.

“While on a mission for foreign special agencies, the suspect would share data related to facilities, military equipment, defence formations and combat positions of the Russian military,” the FSB claims.

The woman had technical equipment with “geospatial information revealing the location and activities of Russia’s Vostok group of troops” confiscated. As the FSB notes, this group of troops fought in the Kyiv region.

The court arrested the Ukrainian national. She is facing 10 to 20 years in prison.

Leniye Umerova, another Ukrainian national and an ethnic Crimean Tatar, was sent to a pre-trial jail in Moscow earlier, suspected of espionage. She was detained while visiting her sick father in Crimea.

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