FT: G7 and EU could ban reopening of Russian gas pipelines as part of next sanctions package

The International Group of Seven and the European Union aim to block import of Russian gas on routes Moscow previously cut supplies to, Financial Times reports, citing sources.

G7 countries plan to make a decision at the Hiroshima summit which will take place 19-21 May. The sanctions will apply to Russian exports to countries like Poland and Germany. The publication does not name specific gas pipelines that could be included in the sanctions package, however Russian media outlet RBC reports that the Yamal — Europe pipeline could be added to the sanctions list.

According to one of FT’s sources, such sanctions are needed “to make sure that partners don’t change their mind in a hypothetical future”.

The resolution draft also states that G7 countries will continue reducing their use of Russia’s energy sources, at least until “there is a resolution of the conflict” between Russia and Ukraine.

On 12 May, Bloomberg reported, citing a document at the disposal of the editorial’s office, that the EU had proposed to stop deliveries from Russia to Germany and Poland using the Druzhba oil pipeline. The proposal would be included in the 11th EU sanctions package.

According to Bloomberg, the exceptions will be made only for Czechia, Hungary, and Slovakia.

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