Bryansk region governor confirms one helicopter crash. ‘War correspondents’ and Telegram channels claim four aircraft crashed in the region

Governor of the Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz has confirmed the crash of one helicopter, as per his Telegram channel.

update 6:07 pm

In the Bryansk region of Russia, an aviation group made up of two Mi-8 helicopters and Su-34 and Su-35 fighter jets that was planning to carry out an attack on the Chernihiv region of Ukraine has crashed almost simultaneously, Russian newspaper Kommersant reports, citing sources.

“The fighter jets were supposed to carry out a bomb and missile attack on the Chernihiv region of Ukraine, and the helicopters were supposed to cover them, including on the chance that the Su jets are shot down and they have to pick up the crews,” the media outlet claims.

According to Kommersant, all four aircraft did not return to the air base. All pilots are dead. As of now, the Bryan region authorities have only confirmed the crash of one helicopter.

“As a result of the incident, there is one injured among civilians — a woman. She’s been taken to a district hospital, she is being provided all necessary medical care,” he writes in a post.

According to Bogomaz, five households were damaged in the crash. Emergency crews are working on site.

Earlier today, it was reported that a Mi-8 helicopter and a Su-34 bomber crashed in the town of Klintsy of the Bryansk region of Russia. Two pilots of the helicopter and the pilot and the navigator of the bomber were all killed in the crashes.

Telegram channel Baza claims that special services have confirmed information about another aircraft crashing — a second helicopter in the Unechsky district, near the Volkustichi village.

Eyewitnesses have posted a video of the second helicopter’s crash which was filmed in the Shkryabino village, Starodub district of the Bryansk region.

At the same time, pro-government military Telegram channels are claiming that there were two Mi-8, one Su-34, and one Su-35 that crashed. Telegram channel Mash also reports that four aircraft crashed in the region.

“According to the information available to us, [the crashed aircraft are] two helicopters and two bombers that were returning from a combat mission and came under attack. Both Mi-8 fell near [the town of] Klintsy. Su-34 and Su-35 crashed near the Ukrainian border, near [the town of] Starodub,” Mash reports.

According to media outlet Ostorozhno Novosti, two Mi-8 and one Su-34 were shot down.

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