Russia’s state media TASS: Mi-8 helicopter and Su-34 bomber crash in Bryansk region

A Mi-8 helicopter and a Su-34 bomber have crashed in the town of Klintsy of the Bryansk region of Russia, state news agency TASS reports, citing emergency services sources.

At first, there were reports of a helicopter crashing. “A helicopter has crashed in the town of Klintsy. According to initial reports, the cause was the engine catching fire,” a source told TASS.

Then Telegram channel 112 claimed that two helicopters could have crashed in the Bryansk region at once, the first in the town of Klintsy and the second in the town of Starodub.

Later, TASS reported, citing emergency services, that the second aircraft that crashed was not a helicopter but a Su-34 bomber.

Two people aboard the helicopter were killed in the crash, TASS adds, citing emergency services.

“As of now, helicopter debris has been located. A fire started following the crash, it was extinguished quickly. The people who were abroad [the helicopter] are dead,” a source told TASS.

Photos and videos from the crash site have been shared online. It is noted that signs of damage can be seen on the helicopter blades.

Photo: Telegram channel Podslushano Klintsy

Photo: Telegram channel Podslushano Klintsy

Su-34’s two pilots were also killed in the crash, Telegram channel Mash reports. “The pilot and the navigator were unable to eject. Their bodies have been located, the crash site has been cordoned off,” Mash’s post says.

Mash also writes that the plan “Interception” has been declared in the Klintsy district of the Bryansk region — the law enforcement officers are looking for saboteurs who could have been involved in the attack on Mi-8 and Su-34.

Telegram channel Baza claims that special services are verifying information about another aircraft crashing — according to Baza, the aircraft in question is another Su-34.

At the same time, pro-government military Telegram channels are claiming that there were two Mi-8, one Su-34, and one Su-35 that crashed.

According to media outlet Ostorozhno Novosti, two Mi-8 and one Su-34 were shot down.

Baza and Mash report that a 51-year-old woman was injured in the crash of the first helicopter — she was walking down the street when helicopter debris fell on her head.

According to head of the town administration Sergey Yevteev, there was no damage on land following the helicopter crashing.

Yesterday, a military helicopter Mi-28 crashed in the Dzhankoi district of annexed Crimea, both pilots were killed. Russia’s Ministry of Defence claims that the crash occurred “during a planned training flight”.

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