Prigozhin: PMC Wagner to retreat from Ukraine’s Bakhmut on 10 May due to lack of ammo

PMC Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin said on Friday morning that he will order the PMC to leave their positions in Ukraine’s Bakhmut and hand them over to Russian Ministry of Defence forces due to severe ammunition shortages.

He claims that as of 1 May, Wagner troops have been receiving only 10% of the ammunition needed.

“I am withdrawing Wagner PMC units from Bakhmut because due to the lack of ammunition they are doomed to a senseless death,” Prigozhin said on the Telegram channel of his press service.

The announcement comes shortly after Prigozhin published a video showing the PMC’s casualties and calling on the Russian Defence Ministry to supply the troops with ammunition.

Prigozhin has previously threatened the Defence Ministry with Wagner’s retreat unless the PMC receives weapons before 29 April.

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